9 Ways to Accessorize a Beach House on a Budget

Accessorizing a beach home is all about the overall feel and memories it evokes. Beach decor can be classy or rustic. If you are on a budget, be whimsical and creative. Light colors and light fabrics maintain the overall airy feel. Bring natural, outside elements inside, such as wood, shells, flowers and sunlight.

Paint is relatively affordable and can dramatically change a space. You can often get paint samples for a few dollars, enough to coat a piece of furniture or two. To keep it beach-y, use white, blue or gray. You can also lightly distress the paint to give it a natural look.

Reuse Items
Many items can be reused in creative ways. Picture frames can be painted and used as headboards. The same can be done with an old fireplace mantle, then place some beach-themed items along the top. Before you throw something away, ask yourself how you could transform it.

Take an old kitchen or bathroom cabinet, wallpaper the inside, and turn it into a small bar or display area. Or wallpaper one wall in the bathroom for a dramatic pop.

Mixing bits of glass and bottles adds a rustic feel. Green, blue and clear glass bottles of different sizes can be used. Placed them in front of windows, fill them with tall grass or group them between books on the shelf. If you want to cheat, there is also a spray paint called sea glass, that makes any glass look instantly aged.

A shadowbox is an inexpensive way to make a statement piece. Paint it fun colors, fill it with sand and shells or showcase something special to you.

Touches of fabric can do wonders for a room. Rugs and pillows add pops of color and personal style. Hang existing curtains with bits of rope to give it a more rustic feel. Or add rope trim to existing couch pillows.

In the Kitchen
Change out door handles or drawer pulls. Use beach-inspired colors or shapes such as turquoise, blue, yellow, birds or shells. Paint the existing cabinets white, use mason jars to store dry goods or hang buoys over the door.

Maps always feel exotic and nautical. They can be framed and placed on any wall. Prop them on top of a bookshelf and scatter a few items in front to add dimension.

Place Items Artfully
Make small displays and arrangements out of found objects. Use small pieces of driftwood, stones, unique shells or starfish. They can be placed in bowls, mason jars, decorative plates or strung up on the wall.

Whether your budget is big or small, there are so many personal ways you can accessorize a beach house. Often, with a limited budget you are forced to get creative and let the decorating juices flow. You just might surprise yourself.

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