5 Best Wooden Gifts to Give a New Grad

If you are looking for a unique gift for a new high school or college graduate, then there are a variety of high-quality items made from wood that are appropriate. Wooden gifts are timeless, and each type of wood has distinctive grain that makes it different from any other gift. Here are five wooden gifts that any graduate will appreciate.

1: Picture Frame

When your favorite niece is graduating from school, she will want to have a photograph commemorating the event. Imagine her delight when she takes the wrapping paper off of your gift and finds the perfect wooden picture frame for the photograph. There are wooden picture frames made of cherry and oak that will look fantastic in any type of decor. Picture frames are available in a variety of sizes to hold photographs that you can place on a wall or shelf.

2: Jewelry

You can also find delightful wooden jewelry for your daughter’s graduation. Jewelry designers create wooden bracelets and necklaces from small pieces of wood. It is possible that your daughter has never seen wooden jewelry, but she will love having a wooden watch or earrings to wear at her new job. Wooden jewelry is carved by artisans who make sure that the item is beautiful.

3: Memento Box

Everyone loves having a box to hold mementos such as movie tickets and letters. Instead of having an ugly metal box, your cousin will like to receive a gorgeous wooden box. You can find wooden boxes in several sizes, and the artists who make the items often add decorative features such as carvings. If you plan ahead, then you can order a memento box that has your cousin’s name carved on the lid.

4: Clock

To make sure that your son wakes up on time for his new job after he graduates, buy him a wooden clock to hang on the wall. Craftspeople make wooden clocks by using a round piece of wood before adding the metal gears that help you to tell time. The exterior of the wooden clock might have simple markings with clock hands to help your son understand the time, or you can choose a clock that has numbers instead.

5: Desk

After graduating from college or high school, your nephew will need to have a desk for his apartment. The best desks are made of wood such as walnut or maple. There are different styles of desks available that have drawers or shelves for storage, and your nephew might want a desk that he can use for his computer. A desk is a large gift, so you might want to have it delivered to his new home after he graduates.

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